Structure of Institute

Structure of the National Institute for Strategic Studies


- Directorate;

- Advisors to the Director;

- Advisors to the Directorate;

- Research Departments;

- Support Departments;

- Functional Departments;

- Regional Branches in the following cities: Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv, Uzhgorod


As of March 2015 the main Institute’s office in the city of Kyiv consists of 13 research departments:


1. National Security Department


2. Department of Foreign Policy and International Security


3. Department of Military and Military-Economic Policy


4. Economic Security Department:

4.1. Sector of Macroeconomic Regulation

4.2. Sector of Foreign Economic Security


5. Department for Security of the Real Sector of Economy

5.1. Sector of Industrial and Transport Policy

5.2. Sector of Food Safety


6. Financial Security Department:

6.1. Sector of Fiscal Decentralization

6.2. Sector of Monetary Policy


7. Department of Energy Security and Technogenic Safety


8. Social Security Department:

8.1. Sector of Social Risk Management

8.2. Sector of Human Development


9. Regional Policy Department:

9.1. Sector of Local Government Development and Decentralization

9.2. Sector of Regional Development Alignment


10. Department of Political System Development:

10.1. Sector of Institutional Analysis

10.2. Sector of Social and Political Processes

10.3. Sector of Civil Society

10.4. Sector of Ethnic Policy


11. Humanitarian Security Department:

11.1. Sector of Research and Education Policy

11.2. Sector of Cultural Policy


12. Department of Information Security and the Development of Information Society


13. Analytical and Information Department.